2018: The Favorites | Maine Family, Lifestyle, and Newborn Photographer

You guys. It is December 28, 2018. We are three days from the end of the year, and to be honest, I have no idea how this year is over already. I feel like I was just sitting down and sharing favorites from 2017, and here we are, a full year and thousands of images later, and I’m so so so excited to share my 2018 collection. This was a huge year for me personally, leaving the day job mid-year to pursue this career full-time, and taking on more sessions that I ever have before. This year brought me sessions from Bar Harbor to Cape Cod, and I had the insane honor of photographing your families large and small, your cute pregnant bellies, beautiful blessed newborns, and moments now frozen in time forever. This year brought insane beach sunsets, and foggy rainy evenings. It brought hot days in the fall, and the windiest session of my life. It brought families that I saw two, even three times over the course of the year, and families who traveled thousands of miles for a short visit in our beautiful state. Professionally, I embraced light and shadows in new ways, and focused more on those beautiful candid moments, capturing the connection, love, and even the awesome chaos of your lives. As always, I am blown away by the trust given to me to capture these images, and I am beyond grateful for the friends and clients I see every year, and those who I was blessed to meet for the first time.

Next year I am excited to enjoy my first full year of full-time photography, taking on more sessions, and offering you more opportunities. I’m excited for take #2 of my 365 project, where starting January 1st, I will capture a moment of every day of the year for the second time. With my clients, I’m excited to be more intentional, capture more moments, and create even more beautiful images for you all to share in your homes and with your families. I can’t wait to see so many of you again, and can’t wait to meet the new people this business will bring into my life. And I’m sure that a year from now, when I sit down to share those favorites, it will feel like just yesterday that I was sharing these.

This year’s post is a LONG one. With over 200 favorites from over 80 sessions, I am thrilled to share your moments once more as we wrap up the year. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support and love – I couldn’t do this without you, and I am beyond grateful for you and your beautiful families.

Happy end of 2018. See you all in the new year!

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