The A Family | Scarborough Maine Family Photographer

Five years ago, I first met Kristin, Matt, Chase, and Davis at Prescott Park in Portsmouth. Since then, I have had the extreme pleasure of seeing these four every summer. There is something pretty special about hitting the five year mark with a family. So much growth happens in that time frame. In five years you not only get to see little kids become big kids, but you get to see parents settle more and more into their role, and you get to see personalities change and grow, too. It’s been such a treat to watch this family grow, and I was especially taken this year by how grown up acting the boys are, how very sweet and kind they both are, and how much closer this family has become over the past 18 months of being home together. Kristin and Matt are so loving and playful, and I just absolutely adore capturing these four together. Over the years, our sessions have been mostly sun-kissed, but this year we had a foggy night at Higgins Beach. While I usually like to photograph by the rocks at Higgins, the lack of sun gave us some flexibility on location, and instead we headed to the other side of the beach, under the low cliffs and green grasses which totally popped behind the fog. Even with the cloudy skies everything came together perfectly, and I’m excited to share my favorites of year number five. ❤️