The C Family | Yarmouth Maine Family Photographer

I’ve known the C Family – Sam, Pat, Emmalee, Jonathan, Sheamus, Chloe, and Jackson for several years now. Emmalee and my daughter are in the same class at school, and over the past few years it has been a joy watching this family grow from two littles to five. Last time I had this crew in front of my cameras, Chloe was just a baby, and now, two years later, the big kids have easily grown over a foot, Chloe is running circles around all of them, and little Jackson has joined the family and is along for the ride. What has always stuck with me about this family is how seriously nice they all are, and how much love they give to each other and the people in their lives. Their smiles are contagious, the kids are full of silly fun energy, and having them in front of my cameras is always such a treat. Last week we met up for a quick session at Spear Farm Estuary here in Yarmouth. Sam and Pat wanted some individual photos of the kids and a few family photos, and of course, we had some playtime in between it all. Here are my favorites of this year’s session with this beautiful crew.