The D and R Families {Higgins Beach} | Scarborough Maine Family Photographer

It is a rainy and grubby Sunday out there today, but last Saturday it was a warm and late-summer like evening on Higgins Beach. Every once and awhile I’ll do back-to-back sessions at Higgins and this was the case last weekend, where I had two quick and fun sessions with two new families. I started my evening with the D Family – Nisha, Jay, Kavya, Kiran, and their cute pup Hudson, and then ended my evening with the R Family – Hannah, Tim, Emma, and Dan. While there’s always a lot of crazy energy when I work with toddlers and littles, there’s something really special about working with tweens. Having one of my own, I can fully appreciate their silly-but-serious charm, and their desire to still run around and play a little, while also feeling a little more grown up and serious. For me, the best part of having a tween is holding on to those snuggles that you know are fleeting, and I have a feeling that these families can totally relate. I loved capturing both families with their growing kiddos, silly energy, serious moments, and really amazing love and connection to each other – obvious strong foundations heading into the teen years ahead. It was so wonderful to meet these beautiful people, and I am excited to share my favorites from each session.