The G Family | Scarborough Maine Family Photographer

If I had to describe a perfect beach night, I think the evening I spent with the G Family would take the cake, and this family so deserves the stunner of a night that they received for their session. Erin and Freddie, along with eight of their nine children, and their 6-month-old Newfie pup, Norman, traveled to Maine from Montana together in a van for their summer vacation. Now, I don’t know about you, but I go a little nuts with my one child in the car just driving to Target, so Erin and Freddie are basically the highest level of rockstar in my book. After meeting the kids at their moms’ wedding a few summers ago though, I’m not surprised that their trip was anything but fun, silly, and adventurous. Brought together through births, adoptions, and foster care, this family has been perfectly blended into a group of energetic and sweet siblings, so lucky to be in the care and love of their two incredible moms. I am beyond thrilled and excited to share the photos of our super fun evening together and am so honored that Freddie and Erin have asked me to document their lives once again. Here are the many favorites from our session.