The M Family {Higgins Beach} | Scarborough Maine Family Photographer

I first met Christina, Bill, Liam, and Rowan last September, when we had a very playful and candid session at Crescent Beach. I was so excited when Christina reached out again this year, and couldn’t wait to see this crew once again. This year we headed to Higgins, and even though it was still before Labor Day, the temps very suddenly felt like fall on this cooler and windy evening. This didn’t stop this crew one bit though, and like last year, we had session full of playful moments, water play, snuggles, and so much more. I was smiling so big while editing these today because I swear you can hear the laughter in some of these photos as these guys chase and play with each other in the high tide of Higgins. I love that Christina and Bill are able to relax for photos and let their kids be who they are, while also jumping into the action to be silly and play with them during our sessions. All together, it makes for photos full of laughter, candid moments, sweet moments, and so much fun. I’m so excited to share my many favorites from this year’s set.