The O Family {Ogunquit Beach} | Ogunquit Maine Family Photographer

I have to say, for a summer that was like, the rainiest ever here in Maine, I got pretty lucky with my sessions. Most sessions were not rained out, and those that were were very easy to reschedule. And then came my evening with the O Family. The forecast looked dry, but I left my house with drizzle on my windshield. I had checked the webcam at Ogunquit Beach, an hour away, and it looked to be spared from the drizzle, so off we went for our beach session. When we arrived, the dry skies had turned to very very heavy drizzle, and my heart sunk as Erin, Anthony, and their kiddos pulled up next to me looking all adorable and dressed up. I told them we should wait until the next day to do the session, but they insisted we go for it in the drizzle. I hesitated. I pushed back. I said I wanted them to have amazing photos and not ruin their gorgeous hair and perfect outfits. But they insisted – and I am SO glad they did.

This family – man, they are something else. I don’t know many families with four kids, who would voluntarily do a session in the rain, and LOVE IT, but that’s exactly what these guys did. When life gives you lemons, you can cry about how sour they are or you can make lemonade, and this is a family who knows how to make lemonade. There was not one tear, one complaint, one grumpy exchange during our entire session. Instead of a drizzly session that looked like a drizzly session, we had a drizzly session full of laughter, play, love, and the joy of embracing whatever the world gave us on this day.

If you take anything from this session, don’t let it be the beauty of these photos – let it be the beauty of going with it. These guys will remember this session – the kids will remember the time they got soaked in the ocean in the rain in their fancy clothes. They’ll remember how their parents chose to laugh when things were not perfect. They’ll remember how much fun they had together on a rainy evening while on vacation in Maine.

Erin and Anthony – you inspire me to be a better parent, a better wife, a better human, and to let go and just embrace it all. Because this night was magic, and so are you. ✨

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