The T Family | Wells Maine Family Photographer

Ohhhh boy am I excited about this one. Because not only does today’s post feature the sweetest, most snuggly family ever, it also features one of THE best beach nights I’ve had in a long time. After a summer of rain and fog, I am totally here for the sunny nights, and Rachel, Matt, Anna, Lydia, and Eliza hit the jackpot. I’ve known this family for a few years now, and always get so excited to have them in front of my cameras. Rachel is also a photographer so her family is very used to being in front of the camera, and Rachel is so good about letting her inner photographer go and just trusting the process when they all get in front of my lenses. I knew it would be hard to beat last year’s super adorable woodsy session in South Berwick with brand new baby Eliza, but I have to say, I think we did it on this stunning beach evening. The outfits were perfect (and even matched the sky!), the light was incredible, and of course the subjects in front of my lens were beautiful, happy, and so very loving. Little Eliza kept us giggling with her big expressions and love for the beach, I loved seeing how grown up Anna and Lydia suddenly have become, and I had so much fun capturing all of these guys soaking up the incredible night and time together. Here are my many favorites of this special session at Wells Beach.