The W Family | Cape Elizabeth Maine Family Photographer

It’s always hard picking a select number of photos to share here on the blog and on social media after editing a session. When it’s family though, and you are emotionally connected to the photos in a totally different way, this task becomes even more difficult. This is the case today, with Maggie, Jake, and Corbin who just happen to be my awesome sister and brother-in-law and perfect little nephew. It has been such a blessing to have Corbin join our family almost a year ago, and I have been looking forward to their first official family photos ever since he was born. We took them a few weeks ago, at Crescent Beach on what was a relatively warm afternoon in early November. Getting these guys in front of my camera not only gave me the chance to capture everything I love about little Corbin – from his cute cheeks, to his sweet little hands, and big “come give me snuggles, Auntie!” eyes – but it also gave me the chance to capture Maggie and Jake as parents in this beautiful life they have created together. I love these guys more than words can say and am so excited to share my many many favorites from our first session together with them as a family of three.