Allie {Class of 2019} | Yarmouth Maine Senior Photographer

It’s funny to me that I resisted photographing seniors for as long as I did. I love working with teenagers, and began my professional life as a high school teacher, but for some reason the idea of senior photos made me very nervous. After taking on just a couple seniors a few years ago and now several this year, I’m kicking myself for avoiding this awesome realm of photography for as long as I did. Allie encapsulates everything I love about working with this age group. She is smart, kind, and thoughtful, and the fact that she was able to relax and hang out with me in front of the camera for an hour on a very chilly October day, without complaint or hesitation showed a confidence that I know I did not posess at 18 years old. I knew Allie just a little bit during my time at Yarmouth High School, but really enjoyed getting to know her better as we took her photos at Yarmouth’s Camp Soci and Sandy Point Beach. Allie is a performer – a dancer and and actress, and prides herself on her success in the arts, as well as her mission drips during her high school years. She is one of the most charming young ladies I’ve ever met, and I’m so grateful she asked me to take these special photos for her. Here are my favorites from our chilly and fun afternoon together.