Ashley {Headshots} | Portland Maine Headshots and Branding Photographer

I first met Ashley about eleven years ago, in a way that was not quite as conventional then as it is these days. We were members of an online chat group, of moms expecting babies in September. Not long after our September babies were born (exactly one week apart from each other!), Ashley’s husband Nik received his residency placement in Portland, sending the three of them from North Carolina to Maine. Over the years my family has been so lucky to have Ashley and her family in our lives, and one thing I have always known about Ashley is that she is a helper. She is always looking for ways to make a difference, to give people what they need, and to help them find success in their lives. Her professional roles have always had this underlying theme to them, but as she has ventured into the world of life, faith, and business coaching through her business Anchored Coaching over the past year or so, I’ve really seen Ashley come into her own. When we met up in the Old Port a few weeks ago for her headshots and branding session, I was instantly in awe how happy, confident, and proud she seemed. She’s always been a bubbly person, but on this day she simply radiated, and I knew she had found some real energy and peace in this new work she is doing. I can’t wait to watch my dear friend continue to blossom and find herself in this work while she does what she does best – helping others. We had a quick and fun session exploring the streets of the Old Port, dodging light rain, but with gorgeous and soft light that was perfect for capturing Ashley. Here are my favorites!

Capturing Maine & Beyond
Copyright: Kristina O'Brien