Emmalee, John, and Sheamus {Capturing Childhood} | Yarmouth Maine Family and Child Photographer

I was scheduled to hang out with the “C” Family kiddos several weeks ago, but a big snowstorm left the playground totally buried, so we decided to wait a few weeks in hopes that our patience would bring warmer temps and a better place to play. I met up with 8-year-old Emmalee, 7-year old John, and 20-month old Sheamus this past weekend here in Yarmouth, and while there was still some snow on the ground, we had plenty of room to run around, and it was warm enough outside that we didn’t need heavy jackets. I had such a blast with these three as we climbed on the playground structures and played on the swings. Emmalee is a friend of my daughters from school, so while I have had the chance to get to know her over the past few years, this was my first time really interacting with her siblings as well. John and Emmalee are the most helpful big siblings, and Sheamus would spend his entire day on the swings with a huge smile on his face if mom would let him. These kids were SO easy and fun to photograph and I loved capturing their dynamic together and as individuals for this fun Capturing Childhood Session.

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