Kerry and Joshua {Welcome Party} | San Francisco Photographer

A little over a month ago, I received a text I’d been wanting to receive for a very long time – my friend and former roommate Kerry was engaged and getting married. It’s been about twelve years since we lived together in our little apartment in Somerville, Massachusetts, where Kerry was first tackling nursing school, and I was tackling my first year at my teaching job just south of the city. Although we lived together, along with our other roomie Leah for just one year, it was decidedly one of the most important years of our post-undergrad lives, and our year was spent bonding over breakfasts, salmon dinners (thank you Kerry for your sweet cooking skills!), boy talk, landlord drama, cat drama, and the everyday ins and outs of being in our 20s in the city. Through it all, Kerry was the rock in the house – the “mom” type if you will, who made sure our bills were paid on time, we were fed, and we felt loved. Her heart was made of pure gold – and still is to this day – and she was the type of roommate and friend you knew would have your back forever, no matter where life took you. So, even after life took us to separate coasts, with separate lives, and rare check-ins and hellos, I teared up when I received her text message, so incredibly happy that this friend who deserves to be given the unconditional love she presents to everyone in her life, had finally found her soulmate. I teared up again when she asked me to capture a part of her celebration, and flew to San Francisco last weekend to photograph their welcome dinner at Parigo. Not only was it an honor to be able to give to her something so near and dear to my heart, but to be able to be in her city with my former roommates and friends on her big day meant more to me than she’ll ever know. Her new husband Joshua is equally kind, gentle, and lovable, and so obviously the perfect match for my sweet friend. I can’t thank them both enough for asking me to photograph their welcome dinner and including me in their day, surrounded by their wonderful group of family and friends. Be sure to check out the fabulous Shannon Rosan Photography for wedding photos. Much love to Kerry and Josh as they start their new life together.

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