Sophia {13 Days} | Maine and Connecticut Newborn and Family Photographer

Hello everyone! Happy February!! It’s been a little quiet here on the blog as things slow down in the winter months, but behind the scenes I have been working hard to update my website, clean up my office and all my systems and tackle the oh-so-fun job of annual taxes. Today’s post is waaaay more exciting than taxes though, because on Saturday I got to drive to Connecticut to meet my brand new baby NIECE Sophia! There is nothing better than welcoming a new baby to the family, and I am so happy I had the chance to go down and visit, and extra grateful that my brother Rion and his fiance Sara asked me to take her newborn photos. My daughter Molly and I headed down early Saturday morning and I immediately soaked up two-week-old baby snuggles and toddler giggles from big sister Maddie before we started our photo session. Sophia is absolutely perfect (not just the Auntie brain speaking!), and has the sweetest little lips and cheeks, and dark brown hair. What’s extra awesome about doing newborn photos for my own family is the flexibility in time during our visit, so we took photos in between snuggle sessions and catching up, and I had a good chunk of time with just Sophia while Maddie took her nap. We wrapped up with lots of post-nap cuddles, and a whole bunch of cuteness in photos. It’s so wonderful to watch my family grow, and just the best thing ever to watch my baby brother and Sara take this next step in their parenting journey. For a very very long time I have known they would make amazing parents and they are continuously proving my theory correct as they raise Madeleine and now little Sophia, too. Here are my favorites from our afternoon – welcome to the world sweet Sophia – auntie loves you so very very much. ❤️

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