The 365 Project {2019} | April – Maine Family and Lifestyle Photographer

Spring in Maine can be such a tease. Every year we simply just don’t know what we are in for, and this April certainly gave us a little bit of everything. From snow, to sun, to (lots) of rain, April kept us Mainers on our toes, anxious to put the winter gear away, but not quite ready to jinx it. For us, we decided to just go with it and found ourselves at Opening Day for the Sea Dogs (despite the gale wind warning), in the street playing wiffle ball, and at the famous Red’s for ice cream on a chilly day. April brought a birthday, a surgery, Easter, the start of softball season, and crazy kids who couldn’t wait to get their swimsuits on and run around the neighborhood in the rain, even though it was only 45 degrees. Mainers are thick skinned, excited for the change of seasons, and willing to do whatever it takes to get our minds in spring mode, even if the weather has other plans. Photography wise, it was so nice to have longer days, more light, and the chance to push myself even more than I ever have to find the perfect shot (check out the last photo of the month….from the roof). May is here, and hopefully the warm weather will finally make an appearance so we can shed the layers and soak up the beauty of spring in Maine.

There are 30 days in April. These are our 30 days of April, 2019.

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