The 365 Project {2019} | August – Maine Family and Lifestyle Photographer

I hate rollercoasters. I hate the feeling they give me in the pit of my stomach, and I hate the uncertainty that comes with every turn. August was a rollercoaster. Every year I look forward to August. With the crazy of July in the rear view, I look forward to slowing down a little, soaking in the last few weeks of summer, and making time for family and fun. This year though, the turns just keep coming, and while we were able to squeeze in a little of the family fun, and admittedly I did read two books which is HUGE for me, our month was a total rollercoaster with a crazy client schedule, sessions rescheduled due to storms and rain, the sudden loss of Jim’s uncle, the very sudden loss of our sweet Rowdy dog at the end of the month, and the final weekend of summer spent at my family’s camp in Newport where we cried and laughed as we celebrated the life of my Nana who passed away in June. I found Molly and I scrambling for a photo of the day more than we have in other months, while also making sure to make the best of the crazy with stops for ice cream or a night away in between sessions. I think we can officially say “we’re having a year” in this house, but in the middle of it all I am so grateful for this project, because while it would be very easy to be caught up in the sadness, grief, and overwhelming nature of the year, this project highlights the beauty of it all, the simplicity of the every day, the adventures that we were able to take, and it keeps me going, even when everything just feels like too much. I am hopeful as we head into September that we’ll enjoy a more settled and joyful fall. For now though, we hug each other tight, and celebrate the love we are so lucky to have with each other and our families.

There are 31 days in August. These are our 31 days of August, 2019.

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