The 365 Project {2019} | February – Maine Family and Lifestyle Photographer

February at my house is an interesting month. Me, being very much a summer person, and very much NOT a winter person, hit my limit on winter every year in February. It’s cold. I’m cold. The house is cold. Even the cat covered in fur is cold. I hate it. But February also brings Valentine’s Day, which I love because, well, I love love, and two days later it brings my husband’s birthday. It also brings a little quiet time to the schedule, vacation time with the family (even if it is of the staycation type), and days that start to get a little longer. So while the month as a whole may be a mixed bag of emotions, it also gives me plenty to capture. This month I really wanted to find new pockets of light in our house, and work a little harder to capture the everyday, as well as our adventures and time with friends and family. I shot indoors a lot this month (remember, I’m cranky cold), but did force myself to make it to the beach, chase the light, and step out of my comfort zone. I’m so looking forward to hopefully warmer days in March, but am grateful for February for making me think outside the box and capturing life both inside and outside the walls of our home.

There are 28 days in February. These are our 28 days of February, 2019.

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