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I spent most of last year ready for a break from my 365 projects. Starting early, maybe even in the spring, I knew I wanted to take a break after 2021. But there was also a little part of me waaaay in the back, that knew I would do it again in 2022. And after once again pulling my year together, watching the slideshow, and realizing I’d made it through the most challenging year of the project to date, I picked up my camera on January 1, and began again. This month signified the start of my fifth 365 in six years, and after wondering if I could make it through one back in 2017, I’m constantly floored how much this has become a part of my life and who I am, personally and professionally. Last year I got a little behind on my project, always shooting, but mostly overwhelmed by pandemic life, so I didn’t share at the end of every month as I usually do. I’m hopeful to get back to a more normal routine this year and am happy to be sharing January on the last day of the month.

January in Maine was – well, January in Maine. It was freezing – more so than the past few years, and alongside the cold weather and huge uptick in Covid cases with Omicron, we spent most of our month hunkered down. But in between the hunkering were some really special moments too. In the middle of the month, our dear friends finally adopted their son and our little buddy Ishaya, after over three years of waiting (soooo exciting to finally be able to share his sweet face in my project!). A few days later, Molly was in her first big theater production – Moana Jr., and by some miracle the show went on with the full cast and no Covid to ruin the fun. We were able to see friends and family this month, and we were grateful for the big and little wins in the midst of an overall tense and scary time for the country as a whole. We are cautiously optimistic about the months to come and like everyone, are taking things one day at a time. I’m looking forward to another year of memories captured, and can’t wait to see where this project takes us this year.

There are 31 days in January. These are our 31 days of January, 2022.

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