The 366 Project {2020} | January – Maine Children and Lifestyle Photographer

Boy, January is a long month. It’s hard to believe that it was just a month ago that we were ringing in the new year, wrapping up the holiday season, and for me, completing my 2019 {365} project. As we wrapped up last year’s project, my daughter and I simply did not feel ready to kiss it goodbye, so after a long discussion (or rather, a 5 second discussion), we decided to continue into 2020 and start not another 365, but a new 366 project, thanks to this leap year! I will admit that I felt much more fatigued this January than last, and had a few days where I questioned wanting to keep going, but the fatigue and uncertainty didn’t last long, and now looking back at this first month of the new year, I am so so excited to be continuing this journey, and capturing our everyday once again this year.

January is a tough one. There’s little light, lots of post-holiday exhaustion, and just a lot of cold weather. I remind myself in these chilly months that this is the time to work on finding light indoors, while also forcing myself to get outdoors, even though it isn’t 80 and sunny. Like always, this year I look back on the month feeling like these were wise decisions, and I’m excited about the variety of images I have from our first month of the year. We played games, started the hardest puzzle ever, adventured to the beach (which is soooo gorgeous in the winter, really, it is), spent a lot of time at the library, and snuggled up at home. It was peaceful and calm, and I am reminded of how important it is to embrace both of those things before the craziness of the busy season begins again soon.

There are 31 days in January. These are our 31 days of January, 2020.

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