The A Family {Fort Foster} | Kittery Maine Family Photographer

I’m realizing this summer how long I have been a photographer. Of course, in math, I know it’s been just over thirteen years (what?!), but I’m also noticing that the kiddos I have had the honor of capturing while they grow up are doing just that – growing up. So many of them who were toddlers or little kids when I first met them are now big kids – many well into their elementary, middle, or even high school years at this point. It’s a little mind-blowing, very humbling, and mostly incredibly honoring. I first met Kristin, Matt, Chase, and Davis in 2017, and since then, have had the pleasure of taking their photos every year. I’ve watched the boys go from busy toddlers to busy kiddos, and this year I really noticed the shift as Chase comes into his tween years, and Davis is full-on ready for his second year of school. We met up just a few days before the boys headed into fifth and first grade, on a sunny evening at Fort Foster in Kittery a few weekends ago. I love Fort Foster for it’s rocky coast and gorgeous dock, and also enjoy the challenge of the bright space as the sun sets over a very low horizon. We found nooks and crannies in the rocks to start our session, and then headed to the dock and the shore as the light became more and more magical – ending with a perfect family silhouette just before we wrapped up. I have such a soft spot for this super sweet family, and have loved capturing them as they navigate life at each stage with the boys. I love this year’s session, and am so excited to share my many favorites.

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