The C Family | Cumberland Maine Family Photographer

The thing I love the most about little kids is how goofy and uninhibited they are. And while this can certainly pose a challenge for parents on occasion, I’ve found the true magic in childhood is found when kids can truly be kids. I start today’s post with this along with a special shoutout to Martha and Ryan, who let their own guards down and let 3-year old Nora pick her own outfit and run her own show at our session a few weeks ago. I was greeted with pure magic – aka, a bright eyed three year old in a hot pink tutu, pink hat, and pretty darn fabulous oversized sunglasses. I was treated to dance performances and silly giggles, and was in awe at this little person who has grown so much since last year’s session, and has found her own little personality and language, yet is still a bit bumbly and toddler-esque. I so look forward to my sessions with Nora each summer, and this one certainly did not disappoint. Many thanks to Nora, Martha, and Ryan for always being a highlight of my summer sessions. To my readers – prepare yourself for some serious cuteness ahead.