The C Family | Wells Maine Family Photographer

Today’s post is full of awesome people. No, seriously, I have known this crew for almost twenty years now, and I can say they are certifiably awesome. It was just about that long ago that I first met Katelyn in our freshman Spanish class in college. Little did I know at that meeting, that this person would become one of my closest friends. I had no idea that we would study abroad in Spain together, and that I would play a role in the introduction to her now-husband Bob while on our semester abroad. I had no idea we would have countless late night laughs, trips to the lake, and surprise visits. I had no idea that this person would become one of my people and someone I could 100% be myself around, even twenty years later. Through my friendship with Katelyn, I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know her family – her mom and dad, Susan and Don, her sisters Emilie and Megan, and now her seriously cool twin boys Brian and Michael. Together they are a family that would give you the skin off their backs, and it was a total and complete honor for me to finally be able to give them something in the form of family photos. Mrs. C has been trying for a few years to make a session work during their annual vacation in Wells, and this year the stars aligned perfectly. We had the most stunning evening on Drakes Island Beach, full of big energy, hugs, laughs, wave jumps, tackles, and so much more. I have such a special place in my heart for every member of this family, and I am beyond excited to share their memories from our evening on the beach a few weeks ago. Here are my many favorites.