The F Family | Boothbay Maine Family Photographer

Hang on to your hats, kids, because I’m not sure that it gets much more Maine than today’s session – unless maybe you add some lobster and a few moose – but you know what I mean. A few weekends ago I headed to Boothbay, where I met Alisa, Dick, and 3-year-old James. These guys live in Massachusetts full-time, but purchased their Boothbay home this year, and wanted to capture their family in the Maine setting they love so much. Together, we piled into their Old Town canoe and crossed the river to Fort Island – a quick 5 minute paddle from their dock, where we were greeted with a rocky coastline, pine trees, and gorgeous light. On the island we explored the shores looking for treasures (one of which we NEVER expected to find, but that’s another story for another day), and spent our time capturing the love and affection of this super-sweet family of three…and of course James’ stuffed “foxy” as well. My nerves about bringing my gear in a canoe quickly subsided as I was quickly distracted by how fun and friendly this family is, and I’m so grateful they invited me along on one of their favorite adventures. Here are my favorites from our time together!