The H Family | Maine and New Hampshire Family Photographer

It’s always a treat to get Meg, Brian, Izzy, and Liam in front of my cameras. It’s not just because they are family (cousins on my husband’s side) – although it’s a fabulous excuse to get together – but also because they are always so darn fun. This year was particularly awesome and silly as both Izzy and Liam are now at an age where they are totally comfortable in front of the camera and the need to take a moment to warm up to me has long gone away. This year we met at Prescott Park in Portsmouth, the perfect spot for two kiddos who love to run around, chase, be silly, and keep me on my toes. Izzy and Liam are total buds, and Meg and Brian were rockstars as they got their workouts in chasing and throwing them around. I’m especially excited about this year’s images – here are my favorites!

Capturing Maine & Beyond
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