The L Family | Yarmouth Maine Family Photographer

On yet another icy and chilly day, it seems as though spring may never make it to New England this year. A few weekends ago however, there was hope in the air on a beautiful night here in Yarmouth, along the rocky shores of the Atlantic. On this evening, I met Phoebe, Erik, Annika, and Trigvy for what was one heck of a silly, giggly, and gorgeous family session along the water.

I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Phoebe a little through mutual friends here in town over the past year, and interactions with her have always included huge smiles and belly laughs. I was not surprised to see that her super fun personality extended to the rest of her crew, who kept me in stitches myself during most of our session. Twins Annika and Tryg are buddies to the core, and this close-knit family was a breeze to photograph. There are so many favorites from this session, and I’m excited to share a peek into our time together on the blog this evening.