The M Family | Cape Elizabeth Maine Family Photographer

People often ask me what to expect weather-wise when they are visiting Maine from away and are having their photos taken during their time here. It’s the hardest question to answer because it’s not unheard of to have a 70 degree day in December and a 50 degree day in July. The “M” Family was hoping for the cooler temps when they visited Maine from Miami a few weeks ago, and as luck would have it, they brought the heat with them, and we were gifted (ok, us Mainers were gifted!) with a gorgeous 80 degree day. It may have been toasty, but the fall colors were in full bloom at Fort Williams Park, and so were the huge smiles and silly energy from Raul, Carolina, 3-year-old Andrew, and 10-month old Emma. If I could photograph families like this every single day, my job would be a breeze. Getting Andrew to giggle was effortless, and Emma’s big eyes and wide smile were present throughout our time together. This family is sweet and affectionate, and was so fun to capture together during their time here in Maine. Here are my favorites from our afternoon together – many thanks to them for bringing the sun and the warmth from Miami for a late touch of summer here in the north. 🙂

Capturing Maine & Beyond
Copyright: Kristina O'Brien