The S Family | Brunswick Maine Family Photographer

The past three school years, I worked at Yarmouth High School. Working in an administrative support role, I had the pleasure of getting to know most everyone at the school. One of these people was Todd, a math teacher, who spent his prep periods in the guidance office while his room was being used. Over the three years, Todd became one of my favorite people at work, with his goofy sense of humor, and love for his profession. What always came across more than anything in our conversations though, was Todd’s clear love for his family. We had thrown around the idea of family photos off and on, and I was thrilled when this spring he asked me for a session this summer. After hearing so much about Connor, Brendan, and Michaela, it was so wonderful to finally meet them, and to also be able to capture their relationship together and with their dad. After a challenging year for these four, it meant the world to me to capture their bright smiles, and especially special to capture how much love the kids have for Todd and how close-knit these four are together. Here are my favorites from our time on the Bowdoin College campus. Many thanks to Todd for getting his crew in front of my lenses!

Capturing Maine & Beyond
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