The 365 Project {2019} | March – Maine Family and Lifestyle Photographer

As a Mainer and non-winter person, I find March to be the most challenging month. The days get longer and brighter, but what looks like warmth and happiness from the inside can still feel like the bitterness of January and February when you step outside. For me, March is when I hit my limit on winter. When I NEED sunshine, when I NEED warmth, and when I NEED to get outdoors – especially as someone who works from home. This March didn’t bring as much snow as it typically does (thank goodness), and the temperatures slowly started creeping out of the 20s mid-month. Our yard is now flooded and muddy, our heavy coats are cautiously tucked away, and I’m convinced spring really is on our doorstep. With longer days we had more light to work with this month, and I worked hard to capture the everyday as well as our adventures as I forced myself to get outdoors, even when my cold-blooded body wanted to crawl under the covers. April is officially here and I am SO ready for warmer, longer days, the start of softball season, and new adventures as we emerge from winter and begin to embrace my favorite parts of living in Maine.

There are 31 days in March. These are our 31 days of March, 2019.

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