Personal Share {365 Project: December} | Maine Family and Lifestyle Photographer

It feels like just yesterday that I picked up my camera on January 1st and nervously started a photographic journey that would shape me in more ways than I even knew. This morning I photographed my last image of 2017 on a balmy -2 degree morning watching the sun rise at the Falmouth Town Landing, and then took Molly out to breakfast to celebrate our journey and accomplishment. In a few days I’ll post a full recap of the year and the experience, but for today it’s all about December and the month that brought this year long adventure to a close. December gave us our first full month in the new house, alongside the preparations and celebrations for Christmas. I spent the month experimenting with shades of lightbulbs, finishing up painting, and trying to very quickly make this house feel like a home for our first holiday here. We enjoyed our first time hosting in a bigger space, had our first overnight guests, mastered our first baking day in our “new to us” kitchen, and had fun discovering where our Elf placed himself each evening until Christmas morning. After a very chaotic few weeks, we’re finally starting to feel settled, and I find myself just starting to find the gorgeous light in this home after spending so many months mastering it in our previous space. I don’t plan to do another 365 next year, but I certainly plan to continue shooting on a regular basis and can’t wait to capture the light and memories found in this new space.

Check back in a few days for a final recap of our year as a whole.

There are 31 days in December. Here are our 31 days of December, 2017.