Personal Share {365 Project: November} | Maine Family and Lifestyle Photographer

Oh, November. If ever there were a month in this project that just about threw me over the edge, this was the one. After a very intense fall of preparing for the big move into our new house, we finally closed and made the leap in the middle of this month. This means the beginning of the month was focused on packing, the days leading up to and following the close date were full of chaos and emotion, and the second half of the month has been focused on painting, painting, painting, Thanksgiving (and my beautiful new baby nephew!!), more painting, cleaning, unpacking, and just barely scratching the surface on what our life will look like in this new place. There were days I took 100 photos, and days I literally took two. I started my month determined to push the limits with the photographs even moreso than before, and ended in a home with new (and extremely challenging) light, and long, busy days, with the photo squeezed in at the end. Photographically speaking, this month was equal parts inspiring, motivating, disappointing, and challenging.

I cannot even believe I’m headed into the last month of this challenge – of what felt like something that could be an impossible task 334 days ago. I’m excited and nervous for this last month ahead, which is bound to be full of challenges as I finish up the project in an unfamiliar and ever changing environment as we get settled and make upgrades to our new home. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead, and cannot wait to look back at one full year of our lives captured in images.

There are 30 days in November. Here are our 30 days of November, 2017.

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