Personal Share {365 Project: October} | Maine Family and Lifestyle Photographer

Every year I look forward to October. It brings gorgeous colors, a few leftover warm days here and there, and a month full of all things fall – pumpkins, leaves, pumpkin spice coffee, cozy sweaters, and a fun Halloween. This October though..well, it was a strange one. The colors were more dull than usual (our huge maple tree in the front yard that usually leaves me breathless was mostly dull except for one day when all the leaves were on the ground), the temps were consistently in the 70’s (not that I was complaining for a second), I had approximately zero pumpkin cookies (howwww did I even let that happen?!), and the month ended with hurricane-like conditions here in Maine that dropped trees all over town, knocked out power for days (some are still without, three days later), and threw our trick-or-treat plans for a loop. On top of it all, we went under contract on our house and our new house, the packing started, nothing is where it should be inside my house, and well – as I mentioned, October has just been strange. So while my October collection lacks the incredible “fall” feel that I was hoping for when I started this 365 day project, it is captured in all it’s glory – warm evenings, dark evenings, packing, mini-hurricane, and all. Next month brings the big move, which is bound to bring some chaos, excitement, and change as I wrap up the last few months of this project in an entirely new space.

There are 31 days in October. Here are our 31 days of 2017.