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When I did my first few {365} projects, I prided myself on being able to keep up – to edit almost every day, and to post at the end of every month. But 2021, well, 2021 has been a bit of a kick in the pants, and I am not too proud to say that things got a little behind. Between client sessions, having a kiddo at home all the time, and life coming back to some sort of normal at what felt like light speed, well, I got behind. And you know what? I decided to give myself some grace. Because sometimes life IS a kick in the pants, and allowing ourselves to miss a social media post, to maybe skip a blog post (or two!), is allowing ourselves to be in the moment and live a little more. So while I was spinning in circles with so many areas of my life over the past three months, I decided to let this be one thing that was not going to stress me out.

That all being said, I certainly was not going to let this project go. It means too much to me. It helps me grow as a photographer in ways I never imagined. So I kept shooting, and plugged away at the editing as life allowed. This week I had a day to breathe, so yesterday I decided to get caught up, and while it was a lot to catch up on, seeing three full months come together at once was pretty special. Many of my photos this summer were captured at the end of a session, or quickly at home as I spun in circles trying to do all the things. But in the chaos I learned how to find moments and light fast, and learned that I don’t need to take 100 photos to get one amazing photo. And so, I have a collection of three months of everyday moments, local and far away adventures, details, amazing sunsets, and memories that I am so happy I did not let pass by without my camera in hand. And while I wish I had had more time to be more intentional on some of the days, these photos are a reflection of the craziness that was the summer and early fall of 2021, and the moments where I chose to slow down even for just a few minutes and take it it all in around me.

There are 31 days in July,

31 days in August,

and 30 days in September.

These are our 31 days of July, 31 days of August, and 30 days of September, 2021.




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