The P Family {Camping Lifestyle Session} | Maine Family and Lifestyle Photographer

For years now, I’ve wanted to do a camping lifestyle session. So when Liz, a photographer herself, reached out asking if I would spend four hours with her and her family while they camped on Hermit Island, my eyes got wide and I responded with an enthusiastic “yes!!” We originally had an evening session planned, but on the day of our session, poor Liz threw out her back. Like mommas do, this strong momma rallied, and we met up the next morning for an eventful morning of beach, hiking, exploring, kite flying (well, kind of….), lunch, games, ice cream, and more. The session was everything I hoped this type of lifestyle session would be, complete with bug bites, messy faces, happy moments, pouty moments, and all of the silly ones in between. Today’s blog post is a little longer than usual, but tells the story of our fun four hours together. I so hope that Liz, Jason, Jack, and Maddie love the photos of their adventures as much as I loved capturing them. Here are my many favorites of our time together at Hermit Island Campground in Phippsburg.

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