The 366 Project {2024}, March | Maine Family and Lifestyle Photographer

Well, I’m not sure where on Earth March went. But I can tell you, it was uneventful yet busy, which makes very little sense and seriously has me sitting here scratching my head as I look back on the month we just wrapped up. I won’t lie, I spent a little time this month wondering why I took this project on again this year, but I always find that months like this are when I spend the most time thinking outside the box. We didn’t really go anywhere in March – just ran our typical errands, for which I usually forgot to bring my camera along. We were home a lot, and work was busy with the not-so-fun things like taxes and office cleaning. What March did force was a need to look for something new to capture – new angles, new moments, new light. After so many years of photographing at home, it’s challenging to find new things day after day. Oftentimes last month I’d just pick up the camera and walk into the other room with no plan, feeling a bit lost and not sure what I could possibly capture. But inevitably, the ideas would start rolling, and together Molly and I would make images I had never seen coming. This truly, is the magic of a 365 – the ability to make beauty from the everyday. And March truly was, just the every day, in every way.

There are 31 days in March. These are our 31 days of March, 2024.