The P Family – 10 YEARS! {Goose Rocks Beach} | Kennebunkport Maine Family Photographer

Happy Monday, everyone! I am SO excited for today’s blog post because it is a BIG TEN celebration!! 🎉 A few weeks ago, I had my TENTH session with The P Family – capturing ten whole years of their beautiful growing family starting allllll the way back in 2015 when I met Sarah and Steve on the shores of Goose Rocks Beach for the first time as they were expecting with Daniel, their very first baby. Over the past ten years I have had the extreme pleasure of seeing them every single summer at Goose Rocks. Our 2017 sessions sported a very cute baby bump, and I met little Molly in 2018. In 2022 they were expecting once again, and last year I met sweet Charles. I used to worry that our sessions would be redundant at the same place year after year, but looking back at our sessions, I think it is one of the most special things that Sarah and Steve have given their family – to capture them growing at their happy place, a place that means so very much to them, and brings them so much joy.

Over the years we have had sunny sessions, cloudy sessions, and one rainy session. We’ve had serious kiddos, VERY SILLY kiddos, happy kiddos, and grumpy kiddos. There have been playful moments, sweet moments, singing, dancing, hugging (um, Sarah for the record gives the BEST hugs on the whole planet), and of course, so so much love as we capture the beautiful life of this beautiful family. This is a family that I instantly bonded with, and even though I only see them for about an hour a year, it always feels like I am spending an evening with close friends, and I am always sad to see them walk away at the end of our time together.

Sarah and Steve – THANK YOU. Thank you for ten beautiful years of capturing your incredible family. I’m so excited to share year number ten and cannot wait to see what the next ten bring. 💕

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